51 Habits To Boost Creativity

1. Reading:

It gives knowledge, ideas, that help us to understand the thought process of others.

2. Writing:

Put hand to paper, It allows hand and eye coordination which activates the brain to visualize. The very act of writing helps you to think more broadly.

3. Listening:

Listening gives information to the brain directly, and that helps to increase creativity.

4. Walking:

Walking increases the blood flow, which is good for the brain and helps it to function better.

5. Meditation:

It increases concentration and make you focus which is good to boost creativity.

6. Music:

There are different types of music, and music generates emotions which helps the brain to function accordingly.

7. Observation:

Observation is also a way of collecting information, it increases understanding and visualization.

8. See blue or green colours:

Colours have their own characteristics, some are cool, some are hot, etc. In fact some studies have found that looking at certain tones improves the brain performance.

9. Empty your thoughts:

One should empty his/her thoughts so that one can generate new ideas.

10. Brain Exercises:

Brain exercise increases the brain muscle which helps in creativity. 

11. Sleep:

It is a power booster, which relaxes the mind and refreshes it. A very important component for creative thinking.

12. Hang out with other creative people:

You are known for the company that you keep, so hanging out with creative people further helps your creativity.

13. Start drawing your ideas:

Drawn your ideas and give them wings.

14. Go to your happy place:

Being happy makes your thoughts more flexible, fluid and ultimately creative.

15. Being Rejected:

Rejection and failures teach you many things in life. Take it as a learning process and start fresh again. One should never get sad or dishearten, never give up and try-try till you succeed. 

16. Take Breaks:

Working and thinking at a stretch for long makes you tired and create blockages, which slowdowns the thinking process, this is not good for creative ideas.

17. Take a power nap:

Power nap refreshes your brain which further helps in creativity.

18. Stretching:

Stretching provides flexibility to mind, body and soul.

19. Try working in dim lighting:

Dim lights reduces distraction and increases focus.

20. Solve riddles & puzzles:

Solving riddles is a best exercise for brain, which further increase the ability to think.

21. Take a shower:

It’s no coincidence that many people say that their best ideas came under the shower; Not only does this routine allow your mind to wander, but the warm water makes your body release dopamine just as it does when you’re exercising.

22. Break Routine:

Come out of your comfort zone, break your routine, it pushes your mind to take more efforts and it is also a good exercise for your brain.

23. Wake Up and Think:

When you get up from your sleep, your mind is fresh and restarts which helps to generate new and creative ideas.

24. Break Rules:

Break rules does not means breaking law, here it means breaking rules of your thought process as rules create boundaries and creativity needs freedom.

25. Play some sport:

Playing some sports increases blood flow and the brain gets energized which boosts creativity.

26. Eat foods that nourish your Brain:

To work smarter, you have to eat smarter. Food is a source of energy for entire body which includes brain. Eating foods that nourish your brain works as a fuel for creativity. 

27. Talk to a Stranger:

Talking to a stranger puts your brain into an unknown situation and helps you to learn uncertainty which helps in creativity.

28. Inversion Therapy:

Inversion Therapy is an exercise where your legs are pointing towards the sky and head placed on the ground; this allows the blood to flow towards the brain, which helps the brain to function efficiently.

29. Playing with kids:

Playing with kids makes you happy, happiness leads to creativity.

30. Wake up early in the morning:

Early morning provides lot of freshness & light, which helps to boost your mental muscle power.

31. Travel & explore more:

Travelling brings you out of your daily routine life. It’s a new journey, new routes, new ideas, new innovations, and lot of creativity.

32. Daydreaming:

Dream from your open eyes, it improves visualization and creativity.

33. Take Risk:

Never get scared of doing new things, creativity is all about generating new ideas and without taking risk new ideas cannot be generated.

34. Stop Multitasking:

Multitasking diverts the attention from one thing to other. Which won’t let you focus on one thing and creativity would be affected.

35. Eliminate the thought of Perfectionism:

There is nothing called as Perfectionism. One should always keep on inventing new ideas, and innovations and keep on improvising one’s art. As the thought of perfectionism is the end of the road.

36. Think like a kid:

Kids have the ability to think out of the box, they follow no rules, no boundaries. They always have a bundle of ideas, which opens many doors of creativity.  

37. Have water at shot intervals:

Stay hydrated, it is very important to hydrate our creative minds to cultivate our thinking process.

38. Spent time with yourself:

You have lot of potential; you just need to give yourself sufficient time. Knowing yourself will surprise you with the power of innovation that you have.

39. Have Coffee:

It is scientifically proven that caffeine helps creative minds. The basic science of caffeine goes something like this. Cyclic AMP gives body energy. Phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that breaks down cyclic AMP. Caffeine blocks phosphodiesterase. So cyclic AMP stays around longer when you have caffeine in your blood, and you have more energy. It comes from the natural substances that your body produces and always keeps you  energized for a longer time.

40. Don’t get scared of making mistakes:

Everyone make mistakes, Mistakes will teach you the most. Your mistakes will help you to understand what to do & what not to do.

41. Physical body exercise:

Exercise itself has its own numerous health benefits, along with that it also pumps up our creativity, and the best part is any kind of exercise works.

42. Improve Note taking skills:

Always keep a journal with you even at the time you sleep. You never know when you may get an amazing million dollar idea which can be vanished easily if you do not take a note of it.

43. Be close to nature:

Nature is beautiful; it boosts your mind with pure oxygen and activates your brain to function better. Nature gives a pleasant feeling which is good for your thought process.

44. Be open to learn new things:

Learning new things gives new information & information is what a creative mind is always looking for.

45. Mind mapping / Brain-storming:

Whenever you start from just an idea nothing is clear. Mind mapping and brain-storming removes the hurdles and clears the vision.

46. Challenge Yourself:

Always set higher and higher bars for yourself, this will push you to do better and better.

47. Frequently visit Art exhibitions & galleries:

There are many creative people in the world learn and create your own vision.

48. Reduce the distraction:

Distraction is the enemy of creativity; it takes all your focus away.

49. Have a good aroma at the place of thinking:

Add a pleasant fragrance, it makes you feel good and helps to concentrate.

50. Implement & Perform:

Be an action taker, just don’t waste time only thinking. Bring your thoughts into action. Great thoughts without implementation is meaningless. So go and create your innovation.

51. Read all the above points again & again ;):

It will make you aware of the important habits to boost your creativity. 😉

Habits can decide future. For better future decide better habits.

— Abdul Kagzi

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